Tuning In For Christmas!

coleraine radio Nov 04, 2019


Last week’s clue from Coleraine BID was “it launches Wed 27 November, it’s in Coleraine town centre, and it features local faces and local voices”.

Well, stand by for ......“Our Coleraine Christmas Radio”. Yes, you read this correctly: Our Coleraine Christmas Radio!

For the first time in ten years, Coleraine will have its very own radio station in town.   Coleraine BID Manager, Jamie Hamill explained, “We are very excited to have secured a number of experienced local people who will drive this project.   Denis McNeill will command the new ship as Station Manager, while Alistair Nicholl who comes in as Technical Manager. “We’ve 30 years’ experience in radio between us,” said Denis, “and we’ve known for some time how much Coleraine has missed its own local radio station.”

“The 28 day radio station licence has been granted by regulatory body Ofcom”, added Alistair,...

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