About 'Our Coleraine'

Our Coleraine has been created to inform our local community and visitors alike to raise awareness, generate interest and develop exciting new ideas to improve our historic market town.

Our aim is to act in a positive manner to showcase our great town, our residents, our students, and those who visit Coleraine. 

If you have an idea for a project in town or how we can continually improve, we would love to hear from you.  Simply visit the contact page and get in touch.

Our Coleraine is powered by Coleraine Business Improvement District (CBID), a not-for-profit organisation that has been working since 2019 to improve and effect positive change representing over 600 organisations in town.

History Of Coleraine

Coleraine has a long history of settlement. The Mesolithic site at Mount Sandel, which dates from approximately 5935 BC is some of the earliest evidence of human settlement in Ireland.

The 9th-century Hagiography Tripartite Life of Saint Patrick records how the town got its name. When Patrick arrived in the neighbourhood, he was received with great honour and hospitality by the local chieftain, Nadslua, who offered him a piece of ground on which to build a church. The spot was next to the river Bann and was overgrown with ferns, which were being burned by some boys to amuse themselves. This incident led to the area being called Cúil Raithin ("nook of ferns"), which was later anglicised as ColrainColerain and Coleraine. It was translated by Colgan into Latin as Secessus Filicis.