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Oct 30, 2022
The Butterfly & The Bear - Image - Geoffrey Moffett

Fairleys Wines and The Butterfly & The Bear have collaborated to take guests on a culinary trip around the world with their extremely popular Wine and Dine Banquet Nights at Fairleys Wines and Bar in Railway Road, Coleraine.

Marc Fairley, proprietor of Fairleys Wines explained how this match made in heaven came about.

“I contacted Daniel, the Head Chef of The Butterfly and The Bear, over lockdown after I saw he was doing his weekly banquets which were packaged and delivered ready to heat and plate at home,” he said.

“We then decided to link up and when Daniel put the menu up I paired the wines to match that menu and that was done on a weekly basis.

“After the lockdown finished we continued for a considerable time but now we hold the banquet nights at our bar in Coleraine once a month.”

The Wine & Dine nights are a foodie’s delight with authentic regional dishes from every culture -  North and Southeast Asian dishes with incredible spices across the oceans to the Caribbean, Italy, Spain, Greece, Lebanon, Georgia, India, Korea with a few traditional French classics thrown in there too - and it’s no surprise that tickets are snapped up as soon as they are released.

Chef Daniel Lewis brings a wealth of experience having worked  in Michelin starred restaurants in England, travelled the world on superyachts as the personal chef of celebrities and billionaires to becoming head chef at the American Embassy in Moscow.

Daniel’s passion for cooking began when he was 17 years of age after his brother, who is also a chef, made him a particular dish which sparked his love for food.

Since then he has travelled around the world from Monaco to Moscow, Barbados to the Greek islands and the extraordinary number of countries he has visited means he is an expert in an astonishing number of different cuisines, which many of the guests at previous Wine & Dine nights can testify to.

When the Covid pandemic put most of the world Into lockdown, Daniel was working as a private chef on a superyacht in Guadeloupe - and having returned home he knew he wanted to give up the nomadic lifestyle and start up his own business.

With the help of some of his siblings, the Butterfly and the Bear and its very popular home delivery service was born.

“I spent nearly all my money on packaging and set up a website and started doing a delivery service with food from around the world,” explained Daniel. “Each week is a different country and we have gone through over 100 menus from around the world now.

“People really embraced what we were offering and as people posted on social media the meals we were delivering the demand for our banquets kind of went crazy which was awesome. We were bringing restaurant quality food into people’s homes during the pandemic which was a pleasure for us to be able to serve our community like that.”

As the Covid restrictions eased, the need for home deliveries waned and Daniel and the team diversified further to include the Wine & Dine evenings with Fairleys Wines.

“Marc and I talked about doing these nights for some time and it’s really nice to collaborate like this. It’s community involvement again, it allows us to provide local diners with a really special night with delicious food from all corners of the globe paired with the perfect wines by Marc.”

As well as the monthly banquets, The Butterfly & The Bear also cater for private events, weddings and parties.

“It’s awesome to be able to do this and I think that’s what makes us stand out from others. We can offer ​​a restaurant experience, with dishes from every culture whether that’s at our monthly nights at Fairleys, private dining at home or weddings and other functions.

“I’m so interested and passionate about food, I want as many people as possible to be able to share the experience of enjoying an evening with some great food, making it as personal as possible, and that’s what we want to keep doing.”

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