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Jun 14, 2022
Culture Coffee Coleraine

Culture Coffee is much more than just a coffee shop, with friendly and helpful staff, delicious home baked and quality freshly made food, you will want to make it your number one stop in Coleraine town centre.

The Kingsgate Street coffee shop was opened by 29-year old Benita Campbell just as the COVID pandemic hit and lockdowns were imposed. However, it did not deter Benita.

“I already have a Culture Coffee business in Portstewart which was thriving and when this location came up I thought I would go for it,” said Benita. “We opened in February 2020 and were forced to shut a month later due to Covid.

“I was quite lucky to be honest because the Portstewart business was able to continue to offer a takeaway service and thanks to the government we were able to furlough the Portstewart staff and move the staff who had come on board in Coleraine staff down there.”

Thankfully Culture Coffee in Kingsgate Street in Coleraine reopened and Benita and her team haven’t looked back.

“Since reopening the Coleraine shop has been doing really well. There is a lot of footfall through the town and in fact Coleraine is doing better than ever.

“We really looked into the business end of things to see what Coleraine town wants and needs and we decided to focus on that.”

Culture Coffee have made it their mission to offer great customer service, something Benita prides herself on.

“I always say our business is doing well because it really is a team effort. We hand pick a lot of our staff and where some places are very keen to get you in and out, we want customers to stay with us and enjoy their experience. 

“We want to focus on customer service and provide a homely, positive vibe - somewhere you can go to relax with a cup of tea or coffee or somewhere you can go for a full blown meal and everyone is treated exactly the same.

“We are very keen that people know that if you are feeling lonely you can come and have a cuppa and a chat with the staff whilst trying some of our amazing home baked products.”

Culture Coffee have already made quite a name for themselves with their delicious tray bakes, paninis, cia

“All of our products are home baked and all of our kitchen food is being completely freshly made,” added Benita. “In the last couple of weeks we have brought a lot of our head team from Portstewart to ensure we can offer Coleraine customers exactly the same as we offer in Portstewart.

“We like to pay attention to detail and you will get something that is made from scratch. I know you may have to wait that little bit longer but you won’t be getting anything that is pre-cooked or microwaved. 

“We serve breakfast all day and the full menu is available for sit in or takeaway for those who are busy and on the go.

“We have everything from paninis, ciabatta, muffins, takeaway coffees, alternative milks, sugar free coffee syrups, decaffeinated coffee and much, much more, there really is something for everyone at Culture Coffee.

“We have a new menu coming, everything is made completely fresh, quality food made from scratch and service with a smile.

“We want to bring the community together at Culture Coffee where if someone is up the town and maybe not feeling the best that we can put a smile on their face. I want someone to come and enjoy the experience of being in Culture Coffee.

“We want to be more than a coffee shop, we want our customers to feel they are part of the Culture Coffee family.”

Culture Coffee, Kingsgate Street, Coleraine is open from 9 until 5pm with fresh food served until 4pm.

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