'Our Coleraine' launches Their Spirit of Christmas Video

Dec 07, 2019

Sporting clubs, charities, schools, business owners, staff and members of their local community have all came together to have some fun this Christmas. Familiar faces from the Capital of the Causeway Coast have created their very own karaoke-style video singing along to the classic festive tune “Santa is coming to town.”

While major retailers have splashed out millions of pounds to create their festive ads this year, schools, sports clubs, charities and business have come together in a Northern Ireland town to showcase some true festive spirit on a very modest budget.

Coleraine BID project manager, Jamie Hamill, said " We wanted to showcase everything that is great about the town of Coleraine, our local community and everyone who makes up our fantastic town! There has been a fantastic response to the video since its release on Small Business Saturday.

We had no big budget and there are clearly no actors involved, these are the real people who work, live, study and love their town.”

He concluded "These 'local legends' volunteered to appear in this years Christmas video and have a little fun.

Thank you for continuing to support Our Coleraine. We would like to thank everyone who has visited and supported our town during 2019 and would invite you to enjoy a laugh with us this Christmas.

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